Yon Wyandt

Yon was born and raised in the greater Seattle area. He has multiple degrees from Western Washington University in Education Science and Mathematics. He received an Accounting degree from LaSalle University in 1975, and a Master’s degree from Western Washington University in 1979. Yon received his 10 year QuickBooks’s Pro Advisor pin in 2009. He started preparing individual income tax returns in 1981 and passed the Enrolled Agent exams in all areas of taxation in 1992. He has run his own tax, accounting and bookkeeping businesses since 1981.

Since passing his enrolled agent exams, Yon has practiced in every area of taxation, preparing Individual, Corporate, Non Profit, and Partnership Federal Income Returns. As an enrolled agent, he has the authority to represent all entities before the IRS in resolving various problems clients may have with the government taxation system. Yon has a particular focus on mentoring the small business and maximizing the tax benefits that can be gained from each type of entity. He still teaches classes at Bellingham Technical College on small business taxation and record keeping.

He and his wife Carolyn receive their greatest pleasure from their four children, 10 grandchildren and their dog, Barkley. They also enjoy traveling and have had the opportunity to travel most of the United States, and parts of South America and Europe.

Melissa Sophusson


Born and raised in Bellingham, Melissa is currently working on her Bookkeeping Certification and Registered Tax Preparer Certification, which enables her to function as an Office Manager. She has been working with over 43 bookkeeping clients for the past two years. She has specialized in working with QuickBooks Software for most of that time. She enjoys camping with her husband and three children as well as being a “soccer mom” and coach. She loves the outdoors and is an archery and hunting enthusiast. Melissa derives great pleasure from her family, friends, and three dogs.

Amanda Dykstra

Amanda was born and raised in Austin, Texas. She moved to Bellingham in November of 2007 and then later relocated out to Everson. She attended Charter College where she got her Certification in Computerized Accounting. Amanda became part of our team in July 2013. She loves the mountains and the snow! On her free time she loves being with her two sons, husband, mother, step dad, and seven siblings who all also reside in Washington. Some of her hobbies include reading, painting, and baking.


Barkley functions as Carolyn’s service dog. He received his certification in October of 2010. Barkley’s breed is a Labrodoodle (crossbreed of lab and poodle) and he is a wonder. He not only helps Carolyn maintain her balance, but he can also help in a variety of other functions such as fetching and handing her papers, socks, shoes and just about anything she drops. He is also being trained to help put on various articles of clothing, pay attention to her health and vital signs, and just be aware of the world around her. He goes everyplace with her and is incredibly well behaved.

In Memoriam

Carolyn Wyandt

Born in Lincoln, Nebraska, Carolyn was raised in Whatcom County. She is a graduate of Western Washington University in Education and Sociology. She and Yon have been married over 40 years. After spending 20 years as a stay at home mom and running an in home child care business, she worked for Washington State as a Social Worker working in children’s services until she became disabled in 2009. She managed her own business helping small Corporations and LLCs maintain their Corporate record books.